For those vacations you’ve been thinking about, the beaches in Cancun, with their white sand and turquoise blue waters, are the best option. Jump into this paradise in the Mexican Caribbean on a direct flight to Cancun and enjoy a few well-deserved days off.

If you are looking for places for extreme water activities, diving, or you just want to relax, you must visit the best beaches in Cancun. Here we’ll tell you which beaches to visit in Cancun, what activities you can do, and what to eat. Keep reading and discover the best beaches in Cancun.

The Caribbean Sea is known for beautiful views, with soft white sand and different shades of blue water. For good reasons, Cancun is a favorite destination for tourists. However, if you want to explore the most beautiful beaches, you can start with the list below.

Start your adventure and marvel at its splendor! The Cancun Hotel Zone beaches are the most visited in the Riviera Maya and are also a tourist hotspot. Visit them all!

Playa Ballenas Cancun

Located at kilometer 14 in the Hotel Zone, makes it perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the busiest areas so that you can rest on the beach. Located only 18 kilometers from the airport, just about a 20-minute ride.

Ideal for surfing but not for swimming since it faces the open sea, meaning there is no breakwater that “slows down” the intensity of the waves. We recommend relaxing in one of the nearby palapas, sunbathing, or walking along the shore.

Ballenas beach Cancun

Playa Caracol

With such calm waters, it looks like a huge pool, making it an excellent option if you are looking for beaches for kids in Cancun. From here, you can take the ferry to Isla Mujeres, so you can take a nice walk on the beach and then go to the island.

To get to Playa Caracol, look for the shopping center with the same name, and ask for your stop. The easiest way to get there is by taking the bus that runs through the entire hotel zone, Kukulcan Boulevard. Look for a small entrance and enjoy the Caribbean Sea in all its splendor.

Caracol Beach Cancun

Playa Chac Mool

With a vibrant nightlife and a wide range of bars, it’s a favorite for Spring Breakers. It’s also one of the most sought-after for surfing due to its big waves. There is a wide range of restaurants, both seafood, and fast food. You also can buy handicrafts in the nearby Coral Negro market.

Playa Chac Mool is located at kilometer 10 of Boulevard Kukulcan. If you are looking for other activities in Cancun, you have come to the ideal place. Here, you can enjoy several experiences, such as a bicycle tour or a luxurious picnic on the beach with a spectacular view and atmosphere.

Chac Mool beach

Playa Delfines

This beach is named after the dolphins you can see in the early morning. It is also one of the quietest and is located 11 kilometers from the Hotel Zone. In addition to seeing dolphins from Mirador Cancun, you will see the nesting of turtles if you visit from May to September.

The mirador is one of the busiest attractions, and if you are wondering how much it costs to visit Playa Delfines, we have great news: admission is entirely free as it’s a public beach in Cancun. Just 5 minutes away, you will find the Museo Maya de Cancun and zona arqueologica San Miguelito. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the region’s culture!

Delfines beach in Cancun

Playa Forum

This is one of the beaches in Cancun that is ideal for swimming and relaxing on the shore. It’s also close to Plaza Forum. It has an artificial breakwater, so swimming will be a unique experience you cannot find in other places. It’s also famous for its high-energy nightlife and party atmosphere.

Getting here is relatively easy since it’s close to a shopping center named Plaza Forum by the Sea. If you use a car to get around, the plaza’s parking lot is the perfect place to leave your vehicle. Other options to get there are by taxi or public transport. You can also take the ferry from Isla Mujeres to Puerto de Juarez. From there, take a boat that will bring you here.

Forum Beach

Playa Langosta

It is among the most visited beaches in Cancun on the tourist strip. It’s located at kilometer 5 of Boulevard Kukulcan across from Isla Mujeres. It’s one of the closest to downtown Cancun, so it’s almost always crowded. It’s perfect for playing soccer, beach volleyball, or kayaking.

What other activities can you do at Playa Langosta? You can rent a jet ski and ride through the fabulous Caribbean if you like adventure. You can also snorkel. If you look closely, this beach is right across from Isla Mujeres, another favorite destination in Cancun.

Langosta Beach

Playa Las Perlas

Located on the open sea on the Caribbean Side, Las Perlas beach is known for its pearly white sand and crystal-clear water. There are palapas you can rent but arrive early because they fill up quickly. It’s a public beach in Cancun you cannot miss, and if you are looking for tours, you can find a wide variety here.

The best way to experience Playa Las Perlas is to swim, as it’s known for being a beach with gentle waves. However, it’s not suitable for surfing but ideal for swimming, paddleboarding, and other activities. Without a doubt, it’s one of the quietest beaches in the Caribbean.

Las Perlas Beach

Playa Linda

We highly recommend it if traveling with the whole family, especially with children, since the water is quite calm. At night, you have to see the pirate ship show that departs for Isla Mujeres. Here you can see how the beach connects the Caribbean Sea and the Laguna Nichupte thanks to the Canal Sigfrido.

The entrance to the beach is located at kilometer 4 of Kukulcan Boulevard. Also, enjoy the culinary delights offered by nearby restaurants and do any water activity, especially those that do not require strong waves. For accommodation, this beach has several luxury resorts nearby, so it may be your chance to get everything in one.

Linda Beach

Playa Marlin

If you want a little more adventure, Playa Marlin is for you since the sea is rougher. It’s ideal for surfers and extreme water sports. We suggest going from August to November to participate in the release of turtles that come to lay their eggs year after year.

Playa Marlin is located at kilometer 13 of Boulevard Kukulcan, just opposite Plaza Kukulcan. The temperature of the water is delightful. Don’t forget to admire the sunset and take the perfect photos. You can also take the opportunity to visit the Laguna Nipchute.

Marlin Beach

Playa Punta Cancun

Punta Cancun separates the North Side beaches from the Caribbean Side and is only 24 kilometers from Cancun airport. It is shallow and has calm waves, so you can walk along the shore or swim a little. Be sure to visit the Punta Cancun Lighthouse, an emblem of the city.

How to get to the Punta Cancun Lighthouse? The best way is to go to Playa Caracol and walk along the coast to find it. The area where the lighthouse is located is a bit rocky, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes that allow you to walk easily to get your best photo.

Punta Cancun Beach

Playa Tortugas Cancun

This is one of the best beaches in Cancun because it offers activities for all ages. For example, if you go as a couple, you can go diving or bungee jumping. If you go with the whole family, boat rides or the ferry to Isla Mujeres are excellent options.

The waves at Playa Tortugas are very calm and ideal for swimming. If you still don’t know how to get there, we recommend taking the bus along Kukulcan Boulevard and requesting a stop at the Playa Tortugas traffic light. Before entering, you can buy food and drinks at a convenience store or enjoy what’s offered at the beach.

cancun beach

Beaches close to Cancun, Quintana Roo

Also, very close to the hotel zone, there are another 5 truly wonderful beaches. If you have a little time left, you should visit them.


The island of Cozumel is the third largest island and the second most populous in Mexico, located in the Caribbean Sea. Its international fame for diving brings thousands of tourists year after year. You must live the experience of seeing its beautiful reefs and the Underwater Museum of Art sculptures.

To get to Cozumel, take the bus from the Cancun central terminal to Playa del Carmen and then go to the port to board the ferry. The ferry only takes about 45 minutes to arrive on the island. Remember to bring a student or senior citizen ID and your official identification as a Mexican resident for special discounts.

Cozumel Island

Playa del Carmen

Also a part of the Riviera Maya, it’s known for its coral reefs. In addition, there are mangroves, a strip of jungle, and several cenotes. It’s ideal for different ecotourism and water activities such as windsurfing, diving, and kayaking. Here’s a guide on what to do in Playa del Carmen, don’t skip it!

Another main attraction in Playa del Carmen is 5th Avenue. Featuring a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shops to visit and duty-free shops where buying items such as clothing is much cheaper than in conventional stores. Arrive from Cancun by bus and enjoy the Caribbean!

Playa del Carmen

¿Qué visitar en Playa del Carmen?

Playa Tulum

Close to cenotes and archaeological ruins, you can enjoy a day at not only the beach but also enjoy other activities. For example, after jet skiing or swimming, you can visit the Tulum archaeological site. Visiting will give you better insight into the Mayan culture.

Getting to Tulum from Playa del Carmen is easy. You can take a bus to the center of the Pueblo Magico or the ruins. After touring the ruins, you can go down to the beach, enjoy a walk, or if you have a car, we recommend traveling the route of cenotes. You will love it!

Tulum beach

Isla Holbox

Surely, it’s on your list of places to visit, and we don’t blame you; it’s beautiful. Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico and can only be reached by ferry from the town of Chiquila. Its nightlife is well known. Here we’ll tell you how to get to Holbox from Cancun or Merida.

One of the main features of the island is its pioneering attitude toward the environment. The use of single-use plastics is not allowed. The blue color of the water makes it unique and one of the best places to visit in the Rivera Maya.

Holbox Island

Isla Mujeres

Internationally famous for its reef diving. It’s listed as a Pueblo Magico in Quintana Roo and is a place with picturesque streets and quite traditional. You can get there by ferry from various points, and its sand is so fine that it looks like talcum powder. The best thing is its impressive sunset views.

To get there, take the ferry that departs from Puerto Juarez. If you arrive early, you can spend more time on the beach and tour the island in a golf cart. You can also try the food at one of the nearby restaurants and try some delicious lobster.

Isla Mujeres beach

Are there public beaches in Cancun?

Of course! Public beaches in Cancun are much quieter because of fewer people or not as many water activities. For example, Playa del Nino, located in Puerto Juarez, is perfect if you are traveling with children, and it is one of the cheapest beaches.

Playa Isla Blanca is also a good option since it is on the mainland of Isla Mujeres. It is one of the few quiet beaches in Cancun that is semi-virgin, so we recommend bringing enough food and sunscreen since there are no places to eat nearby. It’s so calm that you won’t want to leave!

Recommendations for your trip

Consider the weather on your next trip. From May to October is the rainy season on the beaches of Cancun. There are cooler temperatures from November to April, and it does not rain much. We recommend going at the end of November and at the beginning of May. This way, you will avoid possible rainy days and hurricanes.

You can arrive at Cancun International Airport and take the transfer service to your hotel that Viva Aerobus offers. You can purchase this service during your flight, so your trip will be much more comfortable. Make it unforgettable!

Get to know the Best Beaches in Cancun!

Without a doubt, Cancun is paradise on earth. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, with a wide range of public beaches and easy access. That’s why we want you to know them all! Start planning your vacation now!

Don’t miss out on trying out as many aquatic sports at one of these beaches. No matter which one you visit, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Whether traveling with your partner or the whole family, search now for your flights to Cancun, and enjoy the best of what Riviera Maya offers.

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