Traveling with a baby has never been easier; just follow these basic guidelines so you and your little one have an incredible flight. Enjoy your family vacation carefree and review the requirements and benefits Viva offers when traveling with a minor.

When can my baby start traveling?

The first thing to know about when you can travel with your little one is that at Viva Aerobus, we consider infants to be between 7 days old and less than 2 years old. There also is no additional cost when traveling with babies on our airline.

You can travel with your baby as soon as they are 7 days old. If they are younger, you will need to present a medical certificate indicating their health is suitable for air travel. Otherwise, for security reasons, you will not be allowed to fly.

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What is needed to fly with my baby?

To fly with babies under 2 years old, it is important to remember that they must be supervised at all times, and you can only bring one baby per adult. Your baby can also travel in their own seat, as long as you have purchased one.

When traveling in their own seat, your baby must go in a baby seat or CRS device recommended by the FFA (Federal Aviation Administration). Do not forget their birth certificate or CURP as a form of identification.

Can I travel with formula or milk for my baby?

Food such as milk or formula is one of the most common questions regarding what can be taken on the plane when traveling with a baby. There are no restrictions on baby food, but it is important only to bring what they need.

  • Creams, shampoo, or cleaning items may not exceed 100 ml each.
  • The baby is not allotted their own carry-on. The diaper bag is considered a carry-on for the adult.

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Traveling with babies on Viva Aerobus

Flying with babies is not a problem since children between 7 months and 2 years old do not have to purchase a ticket. Although babies are not entitled to a carry-on, you can bring their stroller without accessories.

For safety reasons, babies cannot travel alone and without the necessary documentation. Likewise, only one baby per adult is allowed. Before boarding, parents must sign a letter of authorization to travel with someone other than their parents or guardians.

Traveling with babies under 2 years old

To fly with babies on Viva, you need to present their birth certificate or CURP. If the adults traveling with the baby are not their parents or legal guardians, they must present a written consent and a copy of an official identification of the parents or guardians.

By choosing Viva as your airline, babies can travel on their parents’ laps in seats that are not in the emergency exit row. Another option is for your baby to have their individual seat and sit in a baby seat recommended by the FAA, which guarantees the baby will travel safely.

Baby Package

The Viva Aerobus Baby Package is perfect for flying with babies. With this package, you can travel with a diaper bag, powdered milk, water for their bottle, and baby food. Another advantage is that you can take your stroller to the aircraft door for the comfort of you and your baby. In addition, you will have access to the Viva Express line when checking in, so you will have a much faster experience.

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Traveling with minors between 2 and 17 years old

Traveling with babies by plane is not the only option at Viva. You can also travel with minors between the ages of 2 and 17. Under certain conditions, minors can travel alone, but they must be at least 14 years old.

However, a minor can’t travel with another minor in their care. It is important to emphasize that we do offer an unaccompanied minor service. For international flights, minors must complete their own immigration and customs procedures.

Fly as a family with Viva Aerobus

Planning an adventure with your loved ones is a great experience. Travel with your whole family on Viva Aerobus. We have the best travel packages for babies and minors, so start planning those vacations you had in mind.

Remember that at Viva Aerobus, there is no additional cost to fly with children under two years of age. So don’t think twice; traveling with babies on Viva is the best choice. Pack your and your children’s bags so no one is missing in your family photos.


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