Going on vacation with your cat or dog can be a very enriching experience. In addition to changing your routine, you get to keep your pet by your side and not board them. Here are some tips to avoid any inconvenience when flying and transporting pets with Viva.

8 tips for traveling with pets safely

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Book a direct flight

It is one of the important things to consider when traveling with pets because if the flight has stopovers, the baggage crew will have to mobilize them, which may make them uncomfortable. On the other hand, you avoid exposing them to climatic conditions that may affect them while they are transferred to the airport.

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Use a proper carrier

The type of carrier is required to take cats or dogs on planes. The carrier must be spacious enough, depending on the type of pet, without exceeding the required limits to be transported in the cargo area and the cabin.

Visit the vet before your trip

If you travel with a dog on the plane or with a cat, you must check their health beforehand and ensure they are vaccinated and dewormed. With this information, the veterinarian must issue a certificate that guarantees the pet’s good health and physical condition to be able to fly. Do not forget that taking your pet in the cabin with Viva is permitted.

Check your accommodation rules

Do not make the mistake of traveling with pets without knowing if the place you will stay allows them. Consider there are Pet-Friendly places where they not only allow pets but also offer care services. But make sure that their diet does not vary much. This way, going for a walk with your furry friends will be much easier.

Always communicate

Requirements to bring a dog or cat on a plane are not always the same. So, before your trip, ask Viva any questions you have, and during the flight, talk to the onboard staff about your pet and their needs.

There are special backpacks or carriers to bring a cat with Viva, which are very common. Check all your options, so your pet travels better.

Get your pet ready to fly

This involves progressively getting your pet used to their carrier and teaching them to control themselves to not urinate inside the carrier. Remember that, although it is about animals, traveling with a dog by plane also requires planning so that the trip is successful and safe at all times.

Eliminate stress

If you fly with pets, avoid stress and make the trip calm for you and them. How do you do it? It’s easy: before putting them in their carrier, take them for a walk or play with them so that they will be tired and may fall asleep during the trip.

Do not feed them for a few hours before your trip

If your pet travels with a full stomach, they may feel dizzy, vomit, or some other less than pleasant surprise. Therefore, while transporting a dog or cat by plane, it is best not to feed it for a few hours before the trip to avoid accidents.

Are you going to travel with your pets on Viva Aerobus? Here’s the procedure

If you are going to embark on a new adventure and have decided to fly with your pets on Viva Aerobus, verify all the specifications for transporting pets and the requirements, and make sure that your four-legged companions have everything they need to travel.

  • Check if your pet can travel in the cabin or the baggage compartment.
  • Check the measurements of the transport carrier, with a maximum limit of 319 linear cm in the baggage compartment and in the cabin, 44 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 21 cm high.
  • Process the documents required for pet transport and bring them with you the day you travel.
  • Check-in online and register your pet at the airport desks.
  • Use the Viva Express line to check in quickly and easily.
  • Put security straps on the conveyor to prevent the carrier from opening.
  • Ensure you place a label with your and your pet’s info to identify them.

Pet-Friendly Destinations in Mexico

Many people in the tourism sector understand the importance of pets for their owners. They have adapted to a “Pet Friendly” philosophy to allow domestic dogs and cats entry.

Do you want your pet to have a great time next to you during your trip to Mexico? Consider visiting any of these 3 Pet-Friendly destinations:

  1. Sayulita: On the beaches of Riviera Nayarit, you can enjoy a day of sun and seawater baths with your best friend.
  2. Hidalgo: a walk through El Chico National Park will be perfect for your canine to train and release all their energy.
  3. Monterrey: in La Huasteca Ecological Park, your puppy can jump around and enjoy nature.


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