It doesn’t matter if you live here. This list of places to visit in Mexico City is essential for every inhabitant of Mexico. If you have a flight to Mexico coming up, whether a work trip, vacation, or layover, you can easily enjoy nearby sites that will make you fall in love with this enormous metropolis.

For every tourist attraction in Mexico City, there is a secret one you should know. There are more than 20 fantastic sites you cannot miss. Whether you are Chilango or not, this is the definitive list of places to visit in CDMX to get to know this beautiful city built on a lake that once had more taxis than anywhere in the world.

Best places to visit in Mexico City

These are the 25 unmissable places in the city. If you already live in the city, how many of these places do you know? Get to know all of them. We also recommend going for a Sunday bike ride, getting some ice cream, visiting Chapultepec, and being aware of the events held in the Zocalo.

There are more than 50 museums in Mexico City, thousands of restaurants, and dozens of parks. Do you know where to begin to understand or recognize this beautiful Valley of Mexico?

1. Acuario Inbursa

The Inbursa Aquarium, the largest in Latin America, has an area of 3,500 square meters and four underground levels designed by Gerardo Butrón. In addition, you will find more than 10 thousand examples of 307 species.

2. Alameda Central

Created more than 400 years ago by Viceroy Luis de Velasco, named after white poplars planted in the area. This park will undoubtedly make you fall in love with its folklore and history.

Alameda in Mexico City

3. Angel de la independencia

The Monument of Independence, an emblematic place to visit in CDMX, is made up of the statue la Victoria Alada and a small raised base. You can find the remains of those who fought for the country, such as Miguel Hidalgo.

Angel monument

4. Arena Ciudad de Mexico

Undoubtedly, iconic performances have been taking place in the Mexico Arena for many decades. You can enjoy a superb and unique wrestling show.

5. Barrio Chino

One of the most iconic areas in the city for Chinese culture is located in the City Center. You can try Chinese cuisine and find products at an excellent price. You can’t miss it.

6. Castillo de Chapultepec

This castle represents the transformation of Mexico. It also served as the home of the Emperess Charlotte and Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg.

Chapultepec Castle

7. Catedral Metropolitana

A must-see place to visit in Mexico City. Most notably, the Metropolitan Cathedral was built on top of temples from ancient Tenochtitlan.

8. Centro Nacional de las Artes

The CENART is a truly contemporary work from 1994. You can find 12 scenic forums, 4 national artistic research centers, and more here.

9. Kiosco Morisco

On this list of places to visit in downtown we couldn’t forget this beautiful kiosk in Santa Maria la Ribera. Did you know that it can be disassembled? Visit it and see for yourself!

10. Monumento a la Revolucion Mexicana

It is undoubtedly a monument where, at night, you can enjoy a light show. It also has a lookout with a beautiful view of Mexico City.

Revolution Monument

11. Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo

The MUAC museum is the perfect space for modern art. This beautiful venue houses the latest and most influential pieces in contemporary art.

12. Museo Frida Kahlo, Casa Azul

The Blue House is where the world-renowned artist, Frida Kahlo, was born, lived, and died. Currently, we can find some of the most famous works from this inspiring woman.

Frida Kahlo

13. Museo Nacional de Arte

Some consider it the Louvre of Mexico. At the entrance, you will find “El Caballito” by Tolsa. Also, vast permanent exhibitions and other touring or seasonal ones. You have to visit!

14. Museo Nacional de Antropologia e Historia

One of the most entertaining places to visit in Mexico and the largest museum in Latin America. If you’ve already visited because “they sent you from school,” give it another chance and enjoy it differently.

15. Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares

This museum aims to preserve and disperse everything that has to do with the different cultures of Mexico. You will also find prized sculptures, such as a tree of life more than 5 meters high.

16. Palacio de Bellas Artes

Undoubtedly, this beautiful palace has not only a beautiful facade, but you can also find historical murals and exhibitions worth visiting with your family or partner.

Fine Arts Palace

17. Parque Bicentenario

The park, inaugurated in 2010, is located on the old grounds of Refineria 18 de marzo. You will undoubtedly find spaces for cyclists, workshops, skating, family, sports, and children’s areas.

18. Palacio Nacional

Built during the appointment of Hernan Cortes, this is a place to visit in Mexico City that you cannot miss. It is located next to the Metropolitan Cathedral.

19. Parque Ecologico, Xochimilco

It is undoubtedly a relic of what this enormous city once was. This ecological park was declared a World Heritage Site. Without a doubt, it is a must-do.

Xochimilco Lake

20. Parque Masayoshi Ohira

One of the places to visit in Mexico City that most caught our attention. This circular maze was restored in 2015, so it’s just like new.

21. Plaza Garibaldi

If singing is your thing, this is the ideal place to visit in capital city. Enjoy a “Mexican night” in the company of your friends and share some tunes with the mariachis.

22. Templo Mayor

This temple is a complete archaeological site located in the Center of the City. It perfectly connects the ruins and the “modern” world.

23. Torre Latinoamericana

Another tourist site here is this emblematic skyscraper. It was once considered the tallest skyscraper in Latin America. Visit the sky deck!

Latinamerican Tower

24. Zona Arqueologica de Tlatelolco

It is probably one of the most meaningful places in CDMX because it has witnessed three stages of history (pre-Hispanic, colonial, and contemporary) and is shown through its architecture.

25. Things to do in Mexico City with kids

The sites mentioned above are suitable for children; however, places such as the Papalote Children’s Museum, Toy Museum, or the Inbursa Aquarium tend to attract more attention for kids.

If traveling with kids, try to find a pleasant middle ground for them and the whole family.

Where to take someone from out-of-town in Mexico?

Do you have a friend, or do you know someone who is not Mexican visiting the city? Try drawing a map or visiting each area to learn about these attractions in Mexico City. If the opportunity presents itself, take a few days off and rediscover this city. You can also get to know some pueblos magicos near Mexico City and have an unforgettable time.

Visit Mexico City!

There is no other place like Mexico City. You should explore the center of the country, and if you don’t live in the city, take a flight to Mexico and go for a new adventure!

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