With so many things to enjoy, learn about, and savor. Don’t spend another weekend on your couch at home. It’s time to change it up and see what there is to do in Merida. A city that will captivate you from the moment you land at the airport.

Places to visit in Merida

Are you looking for things to do in Merida? The incredible white city is a popular nickname for Merida because of the material used to build their houses, limestone. It’s the ideal stone for construction because it resists humidity. It forms in warm seas and usually is light in color.

Many people think it got this name due to the cleanliness of the streets or the traditional white clothing. However, the real reason is the type of material in their houses. Keep reading to discover what to do in Merida!

Museo Maya

We begin our tour with a bit of history. Remember, museums are a quick and interactive way to learn about a place’s culture.

If you’re looking for what to do in Merida and want to learn more about Mayan culture, visit the Mundo Maya Museum. Discover the era where the Mayan civilization developed. The museum has 4 rooms for permanent exhibits and 2 rooms for temporary exhibits.

Mayan museum

This cultural venue highlights stories, accounts, and all the significant contributions that the Mayans made to humanity. Another very notable feature is that the Mayan Museum is designed in the shape of a ceiba tree. The ceiba is the most important tree in Mayan cosmology.

History is also lived and not only learned in the classroom or from a book. Fly to Merida and discover more of this enigmatic culture at the Mayan Museum.

Cenotes de Cuzama

This cenote is located about 45 minutes from Merida. When you arrive in Cuzama, grab a pedicab and head to the Chunkanan Hacienda. At the parador, you’ll hop on a “truck.” A primitive wagon that a horse pulls; historically, these wagons were used to transport henequen.

cenotes de Cuzama

Try the food scene

Getting to know Merida means trying its flavors, walking through streets full of local restaurants, and creating intimate experiences with the traditions and customs of the white city. Try the castacan tacos, although there is a wide variety.

Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to mind is mole from Oaxaca or Puebla; totally accurate, but this black mole is also a delicacy. It’s an experience that you definitely cannot miss.

If you’re looking for things to do in Merida to connect with nature, here are some places you should know.

cochinita pibil

Things to do in Merida for 1 day? Visit Dzibilchaltun

You can visit the Dzibilchaltun archaeological zone and then cool off in the crystal-clear water of Cenote XLacah. Admission is free on Sundays. A place to discover new colors for all the fish found in the cenote.

The trucks can take you to other cenotes, among the undergrowth, which gives you a feeling of adventure as well as seeing various birds.

Cenote de Chelentun

An easily accessible cenote because it has a ladder to enter. Its crystal-clear water is an absolute delight for all the senses. It has a maximum depth of 18 meters, and you can also appreciate an ancient rock formation in the shape of an arch.

cenote Chelentun

Visit Animaya Zoo

A place to visit in Merida where you feel like you’re in Africa without leaving Mexico is the Animaya Zoo. You can take a catamaran to discover various marine species or take a bike tour.

Take a stroll through the Centro Historico

Another thing to do in Merida is to take a carriage ride through Mexico’s second-largest historic center. You’ll see monuments, squares, and other cultural sites such as the Casa de la Cultura del Mayab.

Casa de los Montejo

Designed in a Plateresque style, built between 1542 and 1549 by the Montejo conquerors which was used as a family residence.

Casa Montejo

Catedral de San Ildefonso

Something you must do in Merida is to visit the cathedral. It was built between 1562 and 1598 with a Renaissance facade and a semicircular arch. In the middle of the columns are figures of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Inside are some altarpieces in a baroque style. A crucifix called the “Cristo de la Unidad” is on the main altar.

Museo Macay

Since you are close to the Cathedral, pay a visit to the Macay Museum. It combines interesting exhibitions of contemporary and visual art and a Mayan exhibit. Previously it was a religious site and was constructed between 1573 and 1579.

Discover Mercado Lucas de Galvez

Another thing to do in Merida is to visit the picturesque Lucas de Galvez market, where you’ll find handicrafts, traditional clothing, jewelry, and traditional dishes such as cochinita pibil and other delicious treats.

mercado Lucas

Palacio Canton

If you are looking for things to do in Merida to learn more about the extraordinary Mayan civilization, visit the Regional Museum, which has a collection of stelae, sculptures, carved stones, and ceramic pieces. The building has an eclectic style with classical and baroque elements.

casa Cantón

Things to do in Merida’s Centro

If you are a fan of unsolved mysteries, then look for things to do in downtown Merida. On weekends, you’ll find tours that narrate different legends with various tales that will amaze you.

Stroll through Merida at night

A must-do in Merida is to walk at night through streets 60 and 61, enjoy an exciting party atmosphere, talk with friends or locals, and drink a delicious margarita.


Wait! Before leaving, try the typical drink of Merida, Xtabentun, which you can find in various places in the centro and shops. It is a liqueur made from anise seeds with fermented honey, and you can add it to rum.

Travel to Merida!

Things to do in Merida are opportunities to get to know the entire Mayan civilization and enjoy cenotes, traditional food, architecture, and much more. Fly to Merida with Viva and travel to different corners of Mexico to explore, discover, and enjoy new experiences.

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