Traveling is incredible because it allows us to get to know places and have new experiences. You must ensure your well-being and your family’s with travel insurance whenever you travel.

Next, we’ll present a short guide, so you know the benefits of having travel insurance. Vacation insurance is an investment that helps you feel relaxed and fully enjoy your trip.

Travel insurance is sort of like an airbag ready to protect you in the event of any unforeseen circumstance.

What is travel insurance?

This type of insurance allows you to travel care-free because it covers the most probable events during your flying experience and wherever you decide to enjoy your vacation. Travel insurance coverage typically starts a few hours before your flight and days after landing.

Usually, travel insurance has benefits and limitations depending on the coverage you decide to purchase. It generally covers flight cancellations, medical services, loss or theft of luggage, and even pet assistance.

What are the benefits of taking out travel insurance?

Travel assistance insurance guarantees you will receive optimal medical assistance in case of accidents since insurance will always cover the most common accidents. Also, if something prevents you from traveling, you can get part of your money back or reschedule your trip without a problem.

Travel insurance with Viva Aerobus

Travel insurance is an investment, and the advantage of Viva Aerobus travel insurance is that, unlike other airlines, we cover you during the entire trip. We also have personalized policies because we understand each traveler wants different things.

Viva Aerobus stands out as the only airline with travel insurance that returns 100% of your airfare. Learn more about Full Refund.

At Viva, there are several travel insurance options; all of them are designed for different types of travelers, so you will find one that suits your needs. Here are some of the main characteristics of each plan to help you choose what’s best for you.

What is essential coverage?

Up to $5,000 pesos to cover the cancellation of your flight. In addition to medical assistance for accidents or illnesses, free ambulance transport, home medical consultation, telephone consultation, and a discount network. So don’t hesitate to insure your trip with Viva.

Travelers insurance

This plan gives you comprehensive protection. In addition to covering $20,000 in the basic version for accidents or illnesses, baggage loss, home medical and pediatric service, legal assistance, and repatriations. It is the optimal protection for travelers.

The premium version offers assistance for your pet, home assistance, family emergency care, and extreme sports consultation. Even your pet will be protected during your flight.

Corporate insurance

This plan covers flight delays or cancellations, accidents or illness, loss or theft of luggage, personal item protection, document theft, legal assistance, gadget theft protection, and gadget technical assistance. Total protection against any unforeseen event.

This plan is one of the most comprehensive Viva Aerobus travel coverages. It includes protection of up to 25,000 pesos for loss or theft of luggage, theft of documents, legal assistance, family care, home doctor, gadget theft protection, and personal item protection.

What is Full Refund insurance?

Total Refund insurance protects passengers who must cancel their flight for any reason. The cost for this plan starts at 40 pesos, depending on the flight, and guarantees a 100% refund of the total cost of the ticket.

This plan protects you if you must cancel your trip due to a COVID-19 diagnosis, illness, injury, vehicle failure, theft, job layoff, scheduled airline failure, wedding cancellation, etc. Because at Viva Aerobus, you always win.

Fly safely with Viva

Travel insurance with Viva Aerobus is the perfect way to travel without worrying about unforeseen events. Don’t let anything stop you from traveling and exploring the world. #Take Flight safely with the protection Viva Aerobus offers.

Travel insurance will always be a good investment because of its cost-benefit ratio. Insurance to smile without fear and enjoy the beach or that magical town you’ve longed to visit. Be a safe traveler in Mexico with Viva!

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