Be surprised by the places to visit in Guadalajara, the capital of the state of Jalisco, which has excellent options to spend time in nature, learn about its rich culture, and events that are more than just fun.

Do you want to know the best places to visit in Guadalajara? We have some recommendations to discover both in the city and its surroundings. Whether you feel like partying, taking a quiet stroll, or enjoying unique delicacies, the capital will enchant you and leave you more than satisfied to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Where to visit in Guadalajara Jalisco

There are various attractions, and the tourist areas of Guadalajara are full of life. Anyone who visits learns a little more about this famous area of the Mexican Bajio. If you want to discover more local destinations, we’ll tell you more about the magical towns of Jalisco.


If you love handicrafts and are interested in one of the best tourist areas in this city, we recommend taking a tour of Tonalá, which is part of the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Here you can find pieces of blown glass, ceramics, wrought iron, and pottery with detailed finishes. This area sets the standard for artesian goods in Jalisco.

In addition, we recommend walking through the centro to learn more about the history of Tonala and admire the buildings that adorn the streets with great splendor.


Guadalajara Zoo

Do you want to visit one of the best tourist places in Guadalajara? We recommend visiting the zoo with a wide variety of animal species and large areas for animals to enjoy the sun and nature.

The zoo is focused on conserving and preserving wildlife areas to educate visitors and achieve balance in nature. Plus, it is one of the best places for children to visit in Guadalajara. Children can get to see new animals and enjoy various activities inside the zoo.


Lake Chapala

Just a few minutes from Guadalajara, there is a lake with incredible views and vast options to spend the day. Chapala is known for its sunsets over the colorful lake.

This area is ideal for travelers since it’s a great way to enjoy a weekend as a couple. While there, we recommend walking along the boardwalk and trying the traditional food from the state of Jalisco, such as carne en su jugo, tacos, tortas ahogadas, and of course, birria.

chapala lake


Located about an hour west of the city, the tourist site of Guachimontones is one of the most impressive attractions. It mixes the pre-Hispanic legacy of the area with incredible views of nature.

Learn about the history of this beautiful place and enjoy an unforgettable walk through pyramids that have been kept intact, thanks to excellent preservation by expert archaeologists.


Teatro Degollado

See the best theater and cultural events in this remarkable theater, reserved for the best shows in the capital of Jalisco.

In this building, you will not only be enchanted by its exterior decorated in detail but also by its red interior and sculptures. We recommend not only visiting it but checking out a play or show to give you a complete experience of this exceptional theater in Guadalajara.

degollado theather

Tequila Route

Get to know first-hand the most famous drink in Jalisco on the Tequila route, discover the best tourist places in Guadalajara Jalisco, and visit various agave fields in the lowlands of Mexico.

We recommend looking for different options to stay in to enjoy this incredible area fully. There are cabins near Guadalajara and hotels in the area. Among the activities this excursion offers, you can find typical dances, freshly prepared tequila tastings, and cultural events that you’ll love.


Historical Center of Guadalajara

What better way to get to know Guadalajara than in one of the most important tourist centers in the city, the historic center? In this area, you can find iconic buildings such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Plaza de Armas, the Palafoxiana Library, the Cabañas Cultural Institute, and many more.

Make sure to order a torta ahogada and relax while enjoying fun and free events in Guadalajara.


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